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Uses for Beryllium in Safety Products

Used in automobile airbags and electronic braking systems, weather forecasting satellites, chemical detection, fire suppression sprinkler systems and emergency rescue equipment, beryllium helps to keep us safe.

Crash Test Dummy in Car with Air Bag Opened

Reliability and readiness are never more important than when lives are at stake. Neither is the value of beryllium and beryllium-containing materials.

Ready every second. Beryllium’s capabilities are used in airbags, fire sprinkler systems, aircraft bushings and bearings, power steering and electronic control systems, anti-lock brakes, undersea earthquake and tsunami detection monitors, air traffic control radar and weather forecasting satellites. Beryllium’s strength, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance can help to save lives and protect property in a fraction of a second.

Reliable for decades. Critical washers, made of nickel beryllium alloys, enable overhead sprinkler heads to deliver full water pressure in the event of fire, while maintaining a leak-tight seal for years of inactivity. Such reliability ensures that thousands of sprinkler systems, installed over many decades, continue to stand by.

Spark-free. The non-sparking and non-magnetic properties of beryllium help protect oil and gas exploration crews (and other people working around combustible gases) from risk of accidental explosions from sparks generated by tooling and equipment.

Ensuring child safety. Beryllium x-ray windows in hand-held analytical devices allow retailers and day care centers to ensure toys are free of lead and other harmful heavy metals.

Breathing easy. Beryllium alloy components ensure the reliability of pressure controls that deliver air from lightweight breathing systems used by firefighters and rescue crews.