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  1. Education
    Several other sites exist as resources for teachers and students as they learn more about beryllium and the many ways in which it is used. The following resources were created to help teachers prepare lessons on metals in general and beryllium in particular. Please select the appropriate grade level below for lesson plans and classroom resources about beryllium.
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  2. Medicine
    Advances in imaging equipment, diagnostics and laser medicine have been enabled by the strength and stability of this versatile metal.
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  3. Communications
    Beryllium is used in the manufacture of telecommunications infrastructure equipment, computers and cellular phones, thereby helping people around the world to keep in touch.
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  4. Transportation
    Beryllium alloys are used in automobile components and airplane equipment to ensure the reliable operation of vital equipment and to enhance fuel efficiency.
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  5. Oil, Gas & Alternative Energy
    Beryllium is in wide use in the energy field to extract oil and gas, and has a big role in helping to find tomorrow’s clean and affordable energy sources.
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  6. Safety
    Used in automobile airbags and electronic braking systems, weather forecasting satellites, chemical detection, fire suppression sprinkler systems and emergency rescue equipment, beryllium helps to keep us safe.
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  7. Defense and Security
    Our armed forces rely on beryllium - a critical component of weapons, guidance, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.
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  8. Helping the Economy
    The United States is the leading producer of beryllium and a major exporter of the material. Beyond the favorable economic impact the beryllium industry makes directly, beryllium materials support the growth of many high technology industries from energy to medical to consumer electronics that employ hundreds of thousands of workers.
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  9. Importance in Your Life
    Products containing beryllium are everywhere you are – improving your life at home, at work, on the road, at the airport or while undergoing medical procedures.
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  10. Environmental Benefits
    Beryllium is lightweight and recyclable, important to the environmental impact of any of its end-use applications. You’ll also find it at the center of exciting developments in alternative energy.
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