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  1. Uses for Beryllium
    The unique properties of this lightweight metal make it a critical enabler of modern technologies extensively used throughout aerospace, defense, telecommunications and computer, energy exploration, medical diagnostic and other advanced applications.
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  2. Historical Perspective
    When compared to the ancient histories of metals such as gold, copper and lead, beryllium is a relative newcomer. Though beryllium was discovered in the late 18th century, its unique properties and commercial value were not recognized until the 1920s.
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  3. Forms of Beryllium
    The three primary forms of beryllium produced are beryllium-containing alloys, pure beryllium metal and beryllia ceramics, also known as beryllium oxide ceramic.
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  4. Sources of Beryllium
    Where does Beryllium come from? Only the United States, China and Kazakhstan process commercial quantities of beryllium from ore into pure beryllium metal or other beryllium-containing materials. Currently, the only fully integrated producer (from mine to mill fabrication), Materion Brush Inc., is located in the U.S.
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  5. Helping the Economy
    The United States is the leading producer of beryllium and a major exporter of the material. Beyond the favorable economic impact the beryllium industry makes directly, beryllium materials support the growth of many high technology industries from energy to medical to consumer electronics that employ hundreds of thousands of workers.
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  6. Environmental Benefits
    Beryllium is lightweight and recyclable, important to the environmental impact of any of its end-use applications. You’ll also find it at the center of exciting developments in alternative energy.
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  7. Importance in Your Life
    Products containing beryllium are everywhere you are – improving your life at home, at work, on the road, at the airport or while undergoing medical procedures.
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  8. All Grade Levels
    Beryllium and Metal resources for All grade levels.
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  9. Did You Know
    Facts About Beryllium
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  10. Middle School
    This lesson plan, from Discovery Education, will help middle school students identify transition metals and discuss the properties of alloys.
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