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  1. Contact
    Want to learn more about the "Miracle Metal"?
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  2. About Materion
    <strong>People worldwide keep in touch, work more productively and relay vital information with cell phones and computers manufactured with beryllium-containing materials.</strong>
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  3. OSHA Standard
    <strong>Proposed OSHA Beryllium Standard</strong>
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  4. Privacy Policy
    <strong>Materion Brush Inc. is sensitive to privacy issues on the internet and is committed to safeguarding your privacy while on our website. Please read the following for a better understanding of the personal information we collect and how we use that information.</strong>
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  5. Environmental
    <strong>Everyone encounters beryllium. As a naturally occurring element, it's in rocks and soil and as a result, it commonly occurs in air, water and foods. Human activities such as the burning of coal and home heating oil or the processing of earth-based materials into products such as fertilizers can also release beryllium into the air and water. Exposures to beryllium in its natural state are not known to cause adverse health effects.</strong>
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  7. All Grade Levels
    <strong>Beryllium and Metal resources for All grade levels.</strong>
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  8. Middle School
    <strong>This lesson plan, from Discovery Education, will help middle school students identify transition metals and discuss the properties of alloys.</strong>
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  9. High School
    <strong>This lesson plan, from Discovery Education, will help high school students understand the classification of elements.</strong>
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  10. Did You Know
    <strong>Facts About Beryllium</strong>
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