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Middle School Resources for Beryllium

This lesson plan, from Discovery Education, will help middle school students identify transition metals and discuss the properties of alloys.

Male Teacher helping a group of Middle School Students at desks

Discussion Questions

The following are some discussion questions to help students understand the properties, uses and science behind beryllium, specifically, so that students may learn how a material may be well suited for particular uses.

  • If you were building a cell phone, name some ways that you could use beryllium to improve it.
  • Discuss alloys – and why you might want to combine a metal with another material.
    • For example: copper beryllium combines the strength of beryllium with the electrical conductivity of copper. Nickel beryllium is very heat resistant and is used in fire detection and suppression equipment.
  • Consider uses for which beryllium may not be well suited.
    • For example: When you want a heavy product, or something that melts easily.