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Beryllium is Important in Daily Life

Products containing beryllium are everywhere you are – improving your life at home, at work, on the road, at the airport or while undergoing medical procedures.

Pointed Finger touching Tablet Screen

People at work, home or around town demand technology that can keep up with their fast-paced lives. Appliances and electronics must work faster, better and more reliably than ever before – and get more accomplished in less time. Beryllium has made some incredible technological advances possible – enabling us to create more sophisticated and smaller devices that help you, wherever you are, and wherever you need to go.

Look closer:

  • Safety features like air bags and fire suppression sprinkler systems are maintained in a state of constant readiness, saving lives thanks to the reliability and strength of beryllium.
  • Beryllium is a part of many of the things you rely on each day, including cellular phones, kitchen and laundry appliances, home temperature controls, MP3 players, desktop and portable computers, and your car.
  • Beryllium and beryllium–containing materials are utilized extensively in many of the high tech devices (including satellites and imaging systems) used by the military to keep our citizens safe at home and abroad.
  • Used in high-resolution medical imaging and laser equipment, beryllium is a valuable part of the medical field’s arsenal to help you fight disease and stay healthy.

A world without beryllium would be vastly different than what we enjoy today.