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The Benefits of Beryllium

Beryllium brings unrivaled advantages to its end-use applications, whether used in its pure metallic form, combined or alloyed in small amounts with other metals or as a beryllia ceramic. The use of beryllium has improved safety and enabled technological breakthroughs previously thought unattainable.

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  • Importance in Your Life

    Products containing beryllium are everywhere you are – improving your life at home, at work, on the road, at the airport or while undergoing medical procedures.

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  • Environmental Benefits

    Beryllium is lightweight and recyclable, important to the environmental impact of any of its end-use applications. You’ll also find it at the center of exciting developments in alternative energy.

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  • Helping the Economy

    The United States is the leading producer of beryllium and a major exporter of the material. Beyond the favorable economic impact the beryllium industry makes directly, beryllium materials support the growth of many high technology industries from energy to medical to consumer electronics that employ hundreds of thousands of workers.